Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Chicken drumstick


Chicken leg piece - 8

Chilli Powder – 2tsp

Ginger Garlic Paste – 2Tbsp

Lemon - 2

White pepper – as required

Egg white - 2

Cornflour – A handful

Maida – A handful

Powdered Cinnamon and Clove – Little bit for taste

No need to add chicken paste, Garam masala

Ajinomoto – A pinch

Salt- As required

Oil – Required to fry

Food color(Orange red) – As required


*Take the chicken leg pieces in a bowl.Add lemon juice,salt,ajinomoto and mix well.Leave it for 5 minutes.

*Marinate them with chilli powder,pepper powder,cinnamon,clove powder,ginger garlic paste,food color,salt and mix well.Set aside for 4hours.

*Ten minutes before frying the marinade add in the egg white,cornflour,maida and give a mix.

*Later fry the chicken pieces in oil.

*Now the tasty Drumstick Chicken is ready to be served with Tomato sauce/Garlic paste/Mayonnaise.